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Dashboard can let you track performance in one glance

Add / Remove products

You can easily set up new feeds, add or remove products. Both of these feeds use Stock Sync Credit which you can pay as you grow. You do not have to subscribe to the monthly plans.

Automated scheduling

Set Stock Sync as data automation tool to update your inventory automatically whether it is hourly or daily after the feed is processed.

Support all file format

Stock Sync reads many formats such as CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, EDI, .TXT, HTML and JSON. Stock Sync also accept compressed files such as .zip or .gz. Walmart feed file is supported too.

Set own pricing

With the Price Condition, you can add formulas to your pricing. Stock Sync allows multiple Price Condition to ensure you get the best value for money

No more overselling

With the help of the Quantity Rules, you can set the amount to avoid overselling. Stock Sync able to read amount in words as well.

Connection methods

Stock Sync integrates with many different channels such as Amazon S3, QuickBooks, eBay, Google Drive, Etsy, Onedrive, Upload File, Email, FTP, SFTP, Download Link, Google Spreadsheet, Dropbox, SOAP and many more to come. New: WooCommerce (with API V3 only)

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