February 2024: Stock Sync Product Updates

The e-commerce arena is constantly evolving, with success hinging on the ability to adapt and utilize the most effective tools and features at your disposal. This February, Stock Sync is excited to roll out a series of updates aimed at streamlining inventory management and bolstering the functionality of your online store. These updates are designed with the modern online merchant in mind, focusing on ease of use, educational support, and global market expansion.

1. Introducing the "Only Process 3 Products" Feature

In our continuous effort to make your journey with Stock Sync as smooth and cost-effective as possible, we're excited to announce the introduction of the "Only Process 3 Products" option. This new feature allows you to add new products to your store effortlessly and, best of all, free of charge!

By enabling this option, you won't need any credits to add up to three products to your store. It's an excellent way for all users, regardless of the size of their operations, to test, adjust, and perfect their product listings without worrying about additional costs. And if you make a mistake? No problem! The process is fully reversible, ensuring you have the flexibility you need.

2. New Flow Videos for Each Type of Feed

Understanding that visual learning complements our user's experience, we've rolled out a series of new flow videos. These videos provide step-by-step guides on managing different types of product feeds, ensuring you can make the most out of Stock Sync’s functionalities:

3. Translation for Product Title and Description Fields

In our global marketplace, the ability to communicate with customers in their language is invaluable. To this end, Stock Sync now offers translation for both the product title and description fields. With this update, you can:

This feature not only helps you expand your reach to non-English speaking markets but also ensures that your product listings are accessible and understandable to a global audience. Learn more here.