Keeping your e-commerce house in order

Just as e-commerce can be a powerful part of your business’s arsenal, it can also get rather…hectic (to say the least) if left unchecked.

Maintaining and organizing your online store is important if you intend to survive the revolution that has been brought about by online shopping. From boosting marketing initiatives, systemizing processes and keeping track of automation all the way to fine-tuning the flow of user transactions and not to forget, proper incorporation of useful tools for your website, keeping your e-commerce house in order is an extensive and constant focal point for many digital business owners today.

In light of this, here are a few tips for better efficiency in e-commerce management.

Get Social

Actively engage followers with content and posts that are both relevant and interesting. Consistency is key when it comes to doing social like a champ. Apps like Facebook’s ShopTab and Instagram’s Stories are great new ways to promote your products or sell them directly on your page.

Captivate with compelling copy

Consumers’ attention spans online can be extremely fleeting. They bounce from one social media feed to the other and sift through numerous sites in search of something worthy of their interest. You could often find yourself with only a few seconds to capture and hold them. Bear in mind that shopping is in many cases a social activity and by making product descriptions fun, engaging and interesting, you can capture the essence of what it is you sell or what it is that your users are looking for.

Manage your inventory

Messy inventory can lead to all kinds of horrific problems and detrimental flaws in the long run. Your successful e-commerce business should rely on efficiency at every step of the way, which is why being able to organize your inventory from the get-go is a very powerful way to stay on top of things. Think about integrating your online store and try to sync stock quantity as well as prices with your external inventory systems.

Make checkout a pleasure, not a pain

The moment when your visitor decides to part with money can be a make it or break it moment. Parting with money can be painful enough but make it difficult to pay you and you could very likely kiss that sale goodbye! Define a set path that your users can follow throughout the entirety of your website/online shop. Test, double test and triple test your checkout processes from different angles in order to help ensure that completing the transaction is as painless and seamless as possible.

Automate order fulfillment

According to research group L2, a quarter of consumers would abandon their online purchase if same-day shipping wasn’t an option. This indicates a growing desire for faster delivery choices, which means that a faster order fulfillment process could help you avoid cart abandonment.

Track How Users Interact With Your Site

Knowing how users interact with your site can be rewarding and informative (and good for retaining business). Tools like Google Analytics can help you track users and how they interact with different elements on your site.

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