Connect Stock Sync + SquareSpace

Integrate with your external inventory or warehouse management system, suppliers inventory, or drop-shippers inventory feed.

How to work

1. Click on Get started for free and register by entering your Squarespace store credentials.
2. Once registered, you can sign in to Stock Sync with Squarespace store linked.
3. Setup a new update feed by following the steps provided and Stock Sync will automate the inventory.


Stock Sync lets you update Squarespace inventory with the connection methods available, such as FTP/SFTP, Google Sheet, Download Link, Dropbox, and many more.

Automate your inventory management with suppliers inventory, warehouses management system, or dropshippers inventory.

Manage multiple feeds in a single platform and view or download all your updates with the change logs provided.

Benefits of using Stock Sync as
SquareSpace Inventory Management

Multiple Format
Supports all file format such as CSV, XLS, XLSX, XML, JSON, EDI, TXT and HTML table
Powerful product filtering by brand, category, price, weight, SKU, and other feed data
Multiple Connection
Connect to multiple sources to manage your inventory
Code Free
You don't have to code or hire an expert to build the integration for you
Help doc and any other kind of support content will be provided
Change Log
Download or view the update made with the logs provided